Jun 25

Bring The Seashore Home With Beach Decor

The beach can be a relaxing place to be when the sky is blue, the wind is gentle, and the water is warm. Many people have fond memories of family vacations where they experience such great beach memories. That feeling of relaxation does not have to stay at the beach though. By adding some beach decorating to the house, the house will radiate the same relaxing feeling. One place to start is the bathroom.

Inevitably, the bathroom takes the brunt of this type of decorating and there are more accessories available for this room than virtually any other room in the home. These accessories can easily be found by going online and conducting a brief search. The largest and brightest beginning to any bathroom is the shower curtain.

The shower curtain is seen by everyone upon entering the room and can help set the tone and theme for the rest of the area. These are available in a wide range of colors and patterns that should be selected to accent the already existing items such as the floor and wall coverings. Once this portion is set, the accent colors of window curtains and other items may be chosen to work off the shower curtain.

The accessories available for this room can range from figurines of all types to some more functional items that are also just as beautiful. There are shell-encrusted mirrors along with bath accessories such as soap dishes to help bring this theme to life. By simply placing the right color and sized conch shells on a shelf space or toilet tank cover, one can bring a bit of the shore right to their home.

After the bathroom is decorated the way the designer wants, consider incorporating some tropical home decor into the rest of the living spaces. In the living room, perhaps painting the walls a color that reminds people of a sunrise or sunset will add the right accents to the room. By replacing lampshades, an individual can really go a long way in making the room represent what they want.

The lighthouse is the universal symbol for seaside and this may be utilized in the form either of figurines or, for those looking for a larger statement to be made, an oil painting of a seascape on the wall. The oil painting as a backdrop will bring that dockside feel to any room. This goes the same for any beachscape painting that may be found.

The paint color of the room will really be the most determining factor, regarding the energy of the room. When it comes to painting a room with a beach theme, individuals should realize they have very many directions with where to take the room, each one being uniquely beautiful. For instance, a room can have a sunrise beach look, midday beach look, sunset beach look, or midnight beach look.


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