Jul 07

Creative Decorating Ways To Turn An Old Plate Into A Wall Decor

With a little creativity, old plates can be recycled into attractive wall decors by: using a plate hanger, mounting on wall as decor, vandalizing the plates with creative quotes, converting it into a wall clock, transforming broken plates into mosaic crafts, and utilizing as wall border.

Old plates don’t have to be thrown away or be kept inside a stock room. There are several ways on how to use them as wall decors by following these creative ideas:

Using a plate hanger

A plate hanger holds the plate in place when hanging it on the wall using nails. If you want, you can arrange them on your headboard or cupboard creating an elegant effect. They may come in groups of three or more to create an appealing look. One thing to consider when hanging a plate decor is to make sure it compliments well with the other details in the house. The colors as well as the theme are important factors to take into account.

Mounting on wall as decor

A nice way of converting old plates into decorative ideas is to mount them on walls either in random or with arrangement. See to it that the plate designs go well with the interior fixture. You can also mix and match different sizes and designs to have a contemporary result.

Vandalizing the plates with creative quotes

Sometimes vandalism is not destructive at all as long as it is done creatively to come up with an art craft. This depends on your style of course. Quotes, messages or abstract drawings may be reflected on the plates, so that they can be displayed as decors.

Converting it into a wall clock

Old plates can be recycled into a wall clock. You just need to drill a small hole at the center to hold the long and short hands of the clock in place.

Transforming broken plates into mosaic crafts

Fragments from colored pots can be pasted on an old plate to create a mosaic. Once done, you are now ready to display them as wall decors.

Utilizing as wall border

In lieu of wallpaper border, smaller plates like dessert or salad plates can be used as substitutes. The eclectic appearance produces an exceptional impact on the wall.


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