Jun 30

Ideas for Creating Graceful Decor for Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Anniversary Venues in London

Completing 50 years of wedding is enough reason to throw a grand party for your dear ones. Whether you are willing to organise party for your parents, grandparents or even if it’s your own 50th anniversary, you need to add some personal touch to the celebration. Setting the mood is one of the most important aspects of any celebration. When your guests enter the venue, first thing that captures their minds is beautiful decorations of the hall. A well decorated venue will definitely get you compliments for organising a memorable party. If you are looking for appropriate venues in London, there are plenty of options to pick from. Select from a range of anniversary venues in London and set the party according to your taste.

Below are some decoration ideas that will help you beautify the venue while adding some personal touch to it.

Gold Is the Colour Arrange the colour schemes in gold colour as it works best for the 50th anniversary celebrations. Use the colour in centrepieces, invitation cards, banners, vases and candleholders to signify the occasion. Also, pick another rich colour such as wine or navy blue to contrast the gold colour. Make sure the ambience looks graceful and defines the occasion perfectly.

Fancy Flowers Will Add Some Grace Decoration without beautiful flowers sounds incomplete. For 50th anniversary decor, use bunches of fancy flowers in every corner of the hall. Make bunches of 50 flowers each and set those on each table as a centrepiece to give a striking look all over the venue. If it is difficult to find gold colour flowers, make use of the ones that compliment the colour scheme of the hall. Violets, red roses, tulips and carnations are some of the ideal options.

Lighting Lights create beautiful affect in celebrations. To create a glowing ambience, make use of candles to light the hall. Place beautiful candleholders on each table and corner of the venue to create a soothing ambience.

Photo Gallery for Memories Photos will refresh some golden memories that couple has spend in last 50 years. Collect various pictures from the old albums that reflect their love for each other. Pictures from couple’s previous anniversaries, honeymoon days and their journey to parenthood will definitely bring some happy tears to their eyes. Decorate the hall with some best pictures.

So, hire anniversary venues in London and implement the above decoration ideas for golden jubilee celebrations. Relive your memories and make each moment count at the grand occasion.

Abhinav Jain is an associate editor with The London Collection offers finest venues in London. venues in London are available according to the location and capacity.


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