Sep 17

New Trend In Home Decor Tile Murals

Today, innovative and affordable decorating possibilities for every room are virtually endless especially when it comes to stylish, durable tile accents.

Wondering how you can create a dynamic focal point using a framed or installed tile mural? Look around your home or office for fresh ways to bring your unique sense of style to life.

Here are nine easy ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Create a custom-made view Ideally, every home or office would be filled with sun-drenched windows that open onto idyllic views. If thats not the case, use a tile mural to create your own view of paradise. Install a relaxing landscape over your kitchen sink, or hang a favorite framed print across from your desk.

Lighten up a dark or out-of-the-way corner Imagine a brightly colored framed mural in glossy ceramic tile accented by just the right decorative lightening. Its a quick way to turn a dull space into a decorators dream.

Inspire your culinary skills Love to create Italian dishes? Choose a Tuscany-inspired mural in classic tumbled marble as a backdrop for your sink or range and spend your days in sunny Italy.

Bring your interests to the office Why settle for a generic framed print when you can decorate your office space in style? Framed tile murals show off your good taste and serve as a great icebreaker for business colleagues and clients as soon as they enter your office.

Create a future family heirloom Turn an inexpensive desk hutch or bookcase into a one-of-a-kind furniture accent by installing a tile mural inside it. Or, install a mural across the front of a portable bar to turn it into a relaxing focal point for your family room or sun porch.

Assemble a themed room Whether youre a wine aficionado, a sports fan or an animal lover, express your interests through themed dcor. Coordinate accents like throw pillows, a wallpaper border, figurines and a framed tile mural in a guest room or family room to bring your hobbies to life.

Encourage a childs sense of whimsy With their wash-and-wipe surfaces, tile murals are perfect for kids rooms. Install as an unusual headboard accent or behind a childs desk.

Build your business brand If youre a business owner, you know the importance of branding. Consider installing a custom logo mural in your building lobby, or hanging a framed version in a conference room or reception area.

Kick your seasonal decorating up a notch Reserve a prominent wall space as a seasonal art gallery, then use a rotating series of framed murals as the perfect backdrop for your holiday decorating.

Because of their durable nature and flexibility when framed the decorating possibilities of tile murals now extend far behind a kitchen backsplash or shower stall. Take a look around and youre sure to find a host of possibilities to add style and enjoyment to your home or office.


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