Sep 28

Where To Buy Affordable Moroccan Furniture Or Decor For Moroccan Living Rooms

The cultures of Morocco have a lot to offer when it comes to decorating your living space. Moroccan furniture and Moroccan living rooms emphasize texture, ornamentation and vivid color. This style is all about the pleasures of the senses, so what better way to create a living room to relax in?

With its exotic look, it would seem that Moroccan decor is expensive or hard to find. You might be surprised at just how easy and affordable it is to locate or make items to suit this style. From decorative fabrics to furniture, the ingredients are surprisingly accessible.

Visiting Morocco is, of course, the most direct way to obtain authentic Moroccan home decor. Some travel agents even offer customized Moroccan holidays which focus on shopping for traditional crafts. They provide tours of venues where you can buy authentic Moroccan handmade furnishings.

Online, you can find a huge range of Moroccan home decor items, from chairs to cushions and rugs. As always, use common sense when it comes to Internet purchases. If you plan to buy Moroccan furnishings online, shop only with retailers who are reputable with secure and safe websites.

Another possibility is an auction website. Here, you can find a mixture of original and reproduction Moroccan home decor items such as keepsake boxes, furniture and lamps. On many auction sites, gently used decor from house clearances are offered at a reduced price.

North African artists and exporters are sharing their culture with the rest of the world. Moroccan style shops are popping up in cities all over the globe. Find out if there are any shops near you where you can buy Moroccan crafts and home decor.

A class in Moroccan crafts or furniture making can help you to furnish your home. With a growing interest in traditional North African crafts, classes and workshops are in demand. Check the curriculum of your local arts center or college to find out if there is a course in Moroccan craft making. If there are none in your area, information on Moroccan crafts can be found at a bookstore.

Researching Moroccan homes will give you the skills to apply the same design principles in your living space. Check out blogs and online decorating references to improve your knowledge. For example, tips about color choices can help you to select paint and fabric. Incorporating spicy shades such as mustard, deep orange and red are one way to bring a North African look to a room.

Even if you cannot travel to Morocco, the Internet provides endless inspiration. Many style blogs and online home decorating magazines include pointers for creating Moroccan living rooms. Museum collection websites which feature Moroccan furniture are another source of ideas. The tools to help you achieve a Moroccan style are at your fingertips if you know where to look.


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