Apr 28

The Basics Of Home Decor And Interior Design

Have you ever walked into one of those homes? You know, the immaculate, perfectly decorated home of your dreams. Don’t you wonder, how did they do this!? How are they able to make leopard bedding look so good? Well, you aren’t alone. Almost everyone wants a home that looks like it was decorated by a professional. You can have a home like this with a little know how. It really comes down to just a few basic design rules and letting your creative side run wild.

A Matter Of Colorlor

It all starts with color selection. The first thing that anyone is going to notice when entering your home is the colors in place. The choice of color is up to you. You will have to live with this color until you decide to move or change it. Keep in mind though, that you want a color that is able to keep up with your changing design tastes. You can’t go wrong with neutral colors for your walls, and then accenting with brighter pieces and trim.

The Texture Of It All

Textures is the next most important part of interior design. Without texture, even the most perfect of color combos is going to appear flat without texture. Here is a general rule of thumb. If you have a large amount of plain space, find ways to break it up and make it more lively. How to accomplish this? How about a piece of art or a textured paint finish. If you have an expanse of floor, then consider putting down a decorative rug to break it up. And remember, you want to add texture without adding clutter. If it looks messy then it probably is.

Focus On Focal Points

The last element of your design is a focal point. What is a focal point?

Apr 27

Soft Furry Rugs For Your Special Bedroom Decor

Of course, there are many rugs available in the market to adorn the look of a house. But, selecting special rugs according to the home dcor is very important. Cotton rugs, wool rugs and other braided rugs are some of the commonly used area rugs that augment the overall interior of each room like kitchen, living area and bathroom.

But, for bedroom, a unique and classy rug that adds softness and romance should be considered. A soft furry area rug under your bare feet will make you feel quixotic.

The soft furry rugs are generally available from sheepskin, alpaca and Tibetan lambs wool. Faux fur rugs can also deliver softness as they are artificially made.

Sheepskin rugs are made of the hide of a sheep by skinning and drying. These are one of the beautiful, luxurious rugs available with several inches of thickness. In addition, they are naturally comfortable and can withstand stain, soil and flame. Well, no manufacturer makes them resistant as they can naturally endure harmful effects. Thus, they are very expensive. You can even opt for custom sheepskin rugs and add elegance to your bedrooms dcor. You can even personalization them with a dye and style them depending on your desire. They are easily maintained by washing them in a standard washing machine. The beauty of the product will not be damaged. So, never overlook or under-estimate these rugs, when you are thinking of including a special feel to your bedroom.

Alpaca is also one of resources that are commonly used for soft rugs. It acts as an alternative to sheep’s wool. Alpaca furs are even used for wall hangings, bedspreads and pillows suitable for beautifying your bedroom. It has no odor and is soft and excellent in quality. Available in an array

Apr 26

Green Inspired Garden Decor

Most of us really dreamed to own a nice home to stay and a fabulous garden where plants grow abundantly and flowers smells like real scented perfumes. If it feels like you can relax well while spending your time in the garden and if you dont want to get those flowers out of your sight, provide some garden decor options that would add to the beauty of your garden and if you really like to see green around at the same time want to make your garden a green one, choose those decorative pieces that are solar based so you can save yourself from the cost and you can be confident enough that your garden is a healthy place for anyone to stay, even to little kids who love to play and to run around.

A green inspired garden decor can transform your space into a new and better one. There are a lot of choices for you to choose from when talking about decorative items, but some of the most chosen picks are the solar based fountains or bird baths, gnomes, solar lightings, benches, fences, antique jars, and many more. If you want to choose only one this time, you can pick one among those mentioned but if you like to add all of them, it is up to you as long as you are happy with what you are doing and as long as your budget can afford. You dont really need to spend that huge, but still, if you dont have the budget, who will buy for you? A green garden is surely the garden of your dream and make it real by using the right garden decor of your choice.

If you want green garden ideas for your own benefit, look for resources that can offer

Apr 25

DIY vs. Hiring an Interior Designer

There are many interior design firms Singapore has to offer for couples who are planning to renovate their home or for single professionals moving to a new house closer to the office. This scenario begs the question: should I decorate my own place or should I employ someone else to do it?

Below are the advantages of a DIY approach to interior design.

You can save money. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on hiring a designer, you can save that and buy the premium wallpaper for your bedroom.

You can get creative. Get those creative juices flowing by mixing and matching the color themes you’d like to use. You decide which furniture looks good in the room and what area they should be placed in.

You can bring your own vision to life. Once you have a clear idea of what you want your dining room to look like, you know exactly what furniture or fixture you’d like to buy.

You get the satisfaction of doing everything yourself. At the end of your home improvement projects, you get to tell people you designed your beautiful home all by yourself. People will commend your level of taste and will have a better idea of who you are with your color and design choices.

You have full budget control. Since you don’t have a designer, you get to choose which expensive and inexpensive items you want to purchase. A designer might get a cheaper couch for a more expensive paint job but it turns out, you’d want it the other way around. You handle your own money the way you want to.

A DIY approach has its advantages but so does hiring a good interior designer.

A designer will save you time. A designer will save you the trouble of collecting

Apr 24

Interior Painting With More Color – Tips And Color Traits

Color-emphasized interior painting is an option for those who desire the artistic freedom that color can bring. Unlike other home improvement processes like popcorn ceiling removal, painting can restore a sense of creativity to home maintenance.

On the popular interior decorating website Living In Color, various aspects of art and interior decorating are discussed with the aim of educating consumers.

Within this resource, colors are described according to their associations with seasons. In various videos, the characteristics of particular colors are described to help home owners and apartment owners tune into what best matches their needs. Understanding the aspects of color is also valuable in many natural healing modalities. These include chakra color healing, quantum energy healing and other fields with mystic-new age origins.


The color red is usually associated with attention. Think excitement, work-energy, sexual energy. Basically, if you want to launch action, feel attentive or gain energy, red may be the color to use. Important in the energetic discussions of color is this concept: a color affects you differently depending on your own internal state. For some instances, red may be a color which de-stabilizes you. On another color resource, Old Earth, the website, these aspects of color are described in detail.

Red, for instance, can be an alarming color; for those already in a state of perpetual stress, being around the color red or other colors which seem alarming can be particularly disturbing. As an alternative, this person can see how they react to other colors in the spectrum.


Brown is known as a stabilizing color. Brown is an earthy color and some people use the color to incite those feelings of security and being grounded that brown can inspire. Interior painting and decor usually offers a range of browns to consumers because the home is known as a place of calm,

Apr 24

Tips for Exterior Painting

I have been running a successful painting company for over 15 years and below are some tips that I would like to offer to you, the homeowner, for when you are getting ready to paint your exterior home.

If you are going to hire a professional these are some things you might want to ask them about. Are these their standard practices? Which items are included and which are extras? This will make a big difference to determine if the company you are considering is a good fit for you.

If you are planning on a DIY project then these are some things you might want to consider doing yourself to prolong the life of your paint job.

Colors: We recommend applying the colors you are considering on a card board shield (a long rectangular piece of card board) This will allow you to walk around your house and view the colors in many light conditions. Once you have narrowed down the colors, it is recommended to apply a sample to the wall for final approval. Keep in mind that color charts are deceiving, the color often looks lighter once its on the wall.

The standard sheen for exteriors is flat, while doors & windows are usually semi-gloss.

We do not recommend painting a currently light colored stucco house a dark paint color, when things hit the stucco (such as resting your garbage bins against them) pieces of stucco tend to fall off and the lighter original color will show brightly through.

We do not recommend red or black doors. Red paints have too much color & not enough “stickum”. The weather strip will often pull the paint off.

Power washing: This is a quick rinse which usually takes an hour or two. Not all companies offer this but it is always a good idea to clean

Apr 24

Wrought Iron – A Timeless Style Of Home Decor

Wrought iron home dcor can be a beautiful and rustic addition which complements a variety of home dcor styles. In addition, wrought iron permeates throughout home dcor elements, making it easy and affordable to incorporate this style into your kitchen, living area, bathroom or bedroom. You can select wrought iron elements such as curtain rods, shelving brackets, candle holders, picture frames and many others.

Kitchen/Dining Room Decor

Wrought iron home dcor is a flexible, affordable and beautiful way to add some interesting and rustic elements to your kitchen or dining area. Wrought iron is very easy to match to multiple decorating styles, and can complement almost any color palette. For example, kitchen elements such as wrought iron napkin holders, plate stands, cup holders are elegant and useful within many kitchens. If you have a full household, it may be an added positive that wrought iron is easy to clean and maintain, so spills and accidents will not damage your new purchases easily.

Dining area wrought iron home dcor products often include wine accents such as curvy leaves, grapes and unique architectural lines. For example, wrought iron napkin rings are a unique, inexpensive and easy way to add some elegance into any dining area. Similarly, a wrought iron wine rack or stand is a functional and beautiful way to display your wine collection.

Bathroom Dcor

A bathroom is oftentimes overlooked in terms of home dcor, although it is very easy to add a few key elements and turn it into a spa-like experience for yourself and your guests. Since many bathroom spaces are fairly small, it is easy to incorporate small but unique wrought iron elements to spice up the area and add some wonderful (but functional) dcor. For example, a wrought iron towel rack or toilet tissue holder with

Apr 21

Bathroom Decor Featuring Horseshoes

Bathroom decor can fit any theme and any personality. It can also fit any lifestyle.

If you want a bathroom theme that is western, cowboy, or riding, you might enjoy bathroom decor that features horseshoes.

Horseshoe bathroom decor can be rustic, with emphasis on wrought iron fixtures and accessories. It can just as easily be upscale, the horseshoes a part of an English equestrian theme.

Horseshoe Bathroom Decor with Wrought Iron

Wrought iron products are easily found for horseshoe bathroom decor. Sometimes wrought iron horseshoes stand alone. Other times, they come with a strand or two of barbed wire. Look for toilet tissue holders, facial tissue box holders, towel rings, and towel bars, all supported by horseshoes. Wrought iron mirror frames often feature horseshoes also.

Horseshoe shelf brackets can hold a shelf or two in your bathroom. A horseshoe wine rack makes a wonderful towel holder and no one will guess that you are mixing kitchen and bathroom decor. Simply roll bath towels and insert them into individual holes in the rack.

Horseshoe Bathroom Decor in Other Metals

The horseshoe design appears in many metal products. Don’t limit your search to typically bathroom decor. Horseshoe-shaped hardware can replace the standard hardware on cabinets and drawers. For a cowboy/western look, towel rings and racks often feature a horseshoe with a mounted cowboy in the middle. Cherish’s Country Store has an array of clever horseshoe bathroom decor items. Their toilet tissue holder is a horseshoe with a hook. You simply slip the roll over the hook. Matching horseshoe hooks hold clothing or a robe. Their horseshoe napkin holder, meant for the kitchen, would be perfect for fingertip towels. From another source, a triple horseshoe, double candleholder provides soft candlelight for your bathroom decor.

Horseshoe Bathroom Decor in Softer Materials

Horseshoes need

Apr 18

Tropical Decorating Style For Fun Home Decor

To give your Tropical interior decorating theme that finished feeling, you want to find the most suited accessories. Try using fun beach themed decorative items that enhance the fun and cheery ambiance of the beach. Pay attention to wall art, knick-knacks, and pillows to really add ambiance to your tropical style design.

Wall art is a necessity in any room decor, but if you dont hang it appropriately it might spoil the whole look. When displaying art, think like a gallery and have the center of the piece at eye level. If you have a group of prints to arrange on one wall, work out the design on the floor first to locate the perfect configuration. Using watercolors of palm trees and beaches in colorful frames can help to add ambiance to the Tropical interior decorating theme.

If you want to provide an appealing look to your decorating approach, look at using decorative pillows. Pillows can be used to decorate a multitude of rooms, the living room, family room, den and even the kitchen. In the kitchen or bathroom, a pillow places strategically on a hamper or chair will help to add a whimsical touch. Pillows on your couch or chair can help insert the Tropical home decorating ambiance to the furniture. In the bedroom, mound them against the headboard. To best augment your design style, stick to pillows that are fun and tropical.

Envision adding beach themed items, palm tree knick knacks, and flamingos for more of a feeling of the beach. To ideally benefit your design theme, you should purchase accessories that not only enhance each other, but also the decorating scheme. Stick with on theme accessories purely in order to get the appearance you are striving for.

Finding the appropriate knick knacks to balance your

Apr 16

The Modern Wall Decor

If you love contemporary design, hanging up modern wall dcor is the perfect way to put the finishing touches to your favorite room. Although most people automatically think of wall dcor as framed paintings or photographs, there are many different types of art you can hang up ranging from decorative shelves to hanging sculptures. The key is to find art that speaks to your unique sense of style. Wall art should be both functional and beautiful. It should evoke a positive response while at the same time complementing the rest of your home dcor. When it comes to modern wall dcor, there are many different types of art you can choose from couponers.com best online deals.

If you like contemporary art but don’t want to stray too far from traditional interior design, look for prints that reflect your style. Although contemporary art can be dark, bright prints are a better choice if you are trying to create a warm and lively atmosphere within your home. Look for clean abstract designs that incorporate modern art techniques and ideas. There are hundreds of different prints you can choose from on the Internet as provided by couponers.com best online savings. Browse different prints to find a few that best fit your style and accent your home dcor.

If you are interested in non-traditional modern wall dcor, consider investing in a few unique pieces that can act as the focal point of the room. Hanging sculptures are especially popular among contemporary art enthusiasts. Because most people don’t associate sculptures with wall art, the result of blending the two is eye-catching and unexpected. A hanging sculpture piece is a great conversation starter and putting one up on the wall is the perfect way to add a touch of chic contemporary style to

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